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I am a young, beautiful and graceful blonde. I have slim body, thin waist, high supple breasts, and long, slim legs. My hands are with sensual long fingers. My skin is soft and white. In summer when I am lying in the sun it becomes peach’s color. My hair which has the color of ripe wheat is falling down on my shoulders lightly. And they create my romantic light image. My almond-shaped eyes are very mysterious and as blue as the sky. And when you look inside of them you will see the condition of my soul. My lips are of the light pink color and when I am smiling my face is shining with tenderness, and the eyes are becoming dark blue. And everyone who is communicating with me is enjoying it. As for my character, I am a rather calm, balanced Leo. I am a home Leo, who is very tender, kind and very faithful. I was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer transferring into a Leo and due to this particularity I have a very energetic and kind personality. I understand any situations. First of all I love dressing fashionably, nice and expensive. It lets me feel beautiful and sexy. I like getting good presents and I love traveling. Recently I traveled around the Mediterranean Sea and I enjoyed the beauty and strength of the sea. It seemed the power which cannot be defeated. When the clouds were gathering I was afraid of the storm. The next day the sun was shining and the light wind was caressing my skin and I enjoyed the warm sunshine. The sea seemed friendly. I want to meet a kind and generous man who has reached something in this life who needs comfort, car.

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